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Services Offered


CIJ recognizes that each association and the services they require are unique.  CIJ tailors its services to meet the growing needs of each of its association clients.  Our full office includes up-to-date equipment and technology to service all of our clients needs.


Please note, the descriptions below are only brief examples of the services we currently offer:   


  • Process new/renewing members

  • Manage membership drive and mail-outs

  • Issue renewal reminders and/or expiration notices

  • Receive and process applications

Offsite Event Management

  • Assist with venue selection

  • Prepare and distribute event notices

  • Process registrations and maintain guest lists

  • Prepare name badges and other event documents

Database Management

  • Develop and maintain member (and other) databases

Website Maintenance

  • Maintain and update association website

  • Publish/Post events, articles, and newsletters, among others

Financial Management and Reporting Assistance

  • Process dues and other income

  • Receive and Process Membership, event and other payments

  • Deposit funds into banking institution

  • Issue refunds and other

  • Prepare A/R Reports

  • Check Deposit Reports

  • Event reports (participants, revenues, etc.)

  • Monthly online credit card transaction reconciliation reports

  • Membership reports

  • Assist with merchant/gateway account setup for new websites

General Administration and other

  • General communications

  • Receive and respond to telephone calls and email inquiries

  • Maintain files and records

  • Recreate forms and/or documents

  • Online Research Services

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